Our Sustainability Journey

Here at APAWLO Pets, creating a brand that is as sustainable and ethical as possible is one our a biggest visions. We work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that we are always improving as many aspects of our production process as we can.

We design our products completely ourselves that are high quality, but still affordable to the everyday dog owner. Our team always aims to better our sustainability without leaving a footprint on the Earth, and one of the first steps in doing this is ensuring that we are a completely carbon neutral brand. With every order made through our store, we offset 100% of our carbon emissions using a program called EcoCart. When you checkout, you'll be protecting trees in the Tri-City Forest, absorbing all of the C02 create from your order - on us!

All of our orders are packaged and sent off in Australia, using plastic-reduced packaging. Our suppliers are verified, kind, diligent and above all - absolutely brilliant! We work very closely with them to really bring our brand to life. We couldn't be more grateful for their skills and expertise in bringing you your amazing dog products from the highest quality materials.