FAQs | Dog Car Seat Cover

 Q: Is your seat cover waterproof?

Yes, our seat covers feature waterproof layer technology, so it's great for wet dogs, spills, sand and mud! However, seams, zippers, and seatbelt openings are not 100% watertight. This is why our seatbelt openings are located on the backrest panel (instead of the seat bottom where most spills tend to pool) to maximise the protection to your car seats.

Q: Are car hammocks safe for dogs?

Yes, a car hammock is one of the safest ways for dogs to travel in the car! Hammock-style seat covers will keep your canine companion safely contained in the back seat. Additionally, the hammock style of our car seat cover helps your dog to feel comfortable and calm, which is great for canines who suffer from travel anxiety. Our car seat cover also comes with two adjustable shock absorbing seatbelts which can attached either at the headrest or via the seatbelt buckle. The cover has two openings for the seat belts to go through so you can anchor your dog and ensure maximum safety.

Q: What is the safest way for a dog to travel in a car?

It is recommended that dogs are restrained using a dog seat belt during travel, which should be attached to a harness (instead of a collar) as this allows for controlled, safe movement within the car. Dog car seat covers such as ours and the included seatbelts add an extra layer of safety to your pet. Crate are another great way travel with your dog, however, most people find these bulky, expensive, and inconvenient when you need extra space for passengers. 

Q: Is it illegal to carry an unrestrained dog in a car?

This will depend on where you live, since dog safety regulations vary between different states and countries. It is illegal in most Australian states. Nonetheless, we recommend keep your dog restrained at all times during car rides, as it adds to safety. You can use a specialised dog seat belt for this, or a harness that works with a regular seat belt.

Q: Can you get fined for having a dog in the car?

Yes, you can get fined for having a dog in the car, but only if you don't follow the local regulations. It's also your responsibility to ensure that the dog does not distract you while you are driving. If you keep the dog in the rear seat and use a dog seat belt, you can rest assured you are on the right side of the law anywhere in the Australia.

Q: Are your products suited to big dogs?

Yes absolutely! Our seat covers are made from an extremely durable, scratch and abrasion-resistant fabric and can be used as a rear cargo/boot liner to suit bigger dogs. Headrest straps are double bar-tacked for extra strength. 

Q: Can you put a dog in the trunk?

This will depend on the local regulations in the area where you live, and on the type of car. In a regular passenger car, dogs can usually ride in the back. You can use this seat cover to protect the your boot area too so you don't have to shop for additional pet supplies. If you are driving a ute or anything with an open trailer in the back, you must ensure also ensure your dog is properly restrained.

Q: Do dogs need seat belts?

Yes - a dog seat belt is generally the easiest and safest option to keeping your dog safely restrained during travel. 

Q: Can dogs travel long-distance in a car?

Yes, dogs can travel long distances in a car. However, it is important to make sure that your pet is comfortable during the ride. Products like this hammock for your back seat can greatly help with that. Besides protecting the car seat and keeping the dog comfortable, this car hammock also comes with a mesh window in the front that lets you monitor the dog during the ride and promotes sufficient airflow. A dog seat belt can also be helpful to add an extra layer of safety.

Q: Can my dog sit in the front seat?

It is typically not illegal for a dog to ride in the front seat (but do check the local regulations in your area). However, dogs should not ride in the front seat if your car is equipped with an air bag on the passenger side (unless you disable it). In the case of an accidents, the air bag could go off and hurt or suffocate the dog. This is because air bags are built only for humans. It is also important to note that fines apply in most Australian states if the dog obstructs your view of the road.

Q: Can this car seat cover be used for cars with both left-hand and right-hand steering wheel alignments?

Our car seat cover was designed to best suit cars with steering wheels located on the right-hand side of the car, with the pocket located on the drivers side for convenience and the removable front seat cover section being located behind the passenger seat. However, it can still easily be used for either type of car. We do plan on launching this product with reversed orientation to suit cars with a left-hand steering alignment. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of important announcements like this!

Q: Can a Child Seat be installed with the APAWLO Pets seat cover?

Yes! Our seat cover allows for the fitment of a Child Seat thanks to the removable single seat section. The mesh window can also be be fully supported while in in Half Seat style by looping one of the side straps over the passenger seat headrest and attaching this to the buckle at the mesh window.