Transforming Your Dog's Life Through Play: The Power of the Active Ring

Play has single-handedly had the biggestpositive impact on my relationship with my dog, Winnie. Not only does it strengthen our bond and build Winnie's confidence, but also helps to reduce stress and fulfil her natural instincts. In this three part mini series, we cover the importance of understanding your dog's play style and how incorporating regular play into your routine can transform the quality of life and the relationship between a dog and their owner. We delve deep into the six aspect of play (based on the predatory hunting sequence), explaining how the Active Ring can be used to engage your dog's instincts and preferences, ultimately deepening your bond and creating the opportunity for effective play-based training.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Discover the power of play.

Now, you are equipped with the knowledge you need to use the Active Rings to take advantage of play and all of its many, many benefits.

It's time to tap take your relationship with your dog to the next level. With the Active Rings, you can tap into your dog's innate instincts and satisfy their biological needs through play that is genuinely fun and reduces stress. The Active Ring not the solution, but it is the perfect tool to help you get there.

Active Ring Dog Fitness Toy
Active Ring Dog Fitness Toy
Active Ring Dog Fitness Toy
Active Ring Dog Fitness Toy
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Active Ring Dog Toy
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Active Ring (2 Pack) Dog Fitness Toy
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Active Ring (2 Pack) Dog Fitness Toy

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